Read Issue Eleven of ‘Ro?’ Now (+ Chapter Analysis/Q&A session)

Ro 11 v5 600

Word on the grape vine is that 1) you’re a wino 2) you wanna’ read the next issue. Unfortunately, I cannot offer you virtual Blue Nun; however, your secondary desire can be fulfilled: NXT >

Unless you’re too drank to remember what happened in the last ten issues and wanna’ give ’em another going over: < BEGIN

NOTE: This was my first ever ‘action’ strip. Accordingly, drawing this bitch up led to some minor teething difficulties. Namely, these include:

Q. ‘Ro – – What’s happened to that 1337-speakin’-peanut-lookin’-guy’s body?’
A. He’s moving so quickly that his body has turned into a blur.

Q. ‘Why’s there 3 of that Noah’s Island guy in the 2nd panel?’
A. I wanted to economical as fxck with the panels; therefore, I hadta’ portray his ninja reflexes in a single shot. It’s one movement split into three phases. Ya’ dig?

Q. ‘For the love of Mugabe, what’s occurring in in the last panel?’
A. ‘Noah’ decided to take the ‘Peanut guy’s’ threat of ‘1mm4 fxk u’, literally. Therefore, he has removed his dick n’ balls, and has effectively returned the threat to the ‘Peanut guy’. The initial threat employed the word ‘fxck’ in order to imply a classic beatdown; the latter implies an intent to rape.  Consequently, the ‘Peanut guy’ is covering the joint in diced carrots and stomach acid.

Q. ‘Who actually asked you these questions’
A.  [N/A]


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