How to: Use ‘Ro?’ Archive


 (This is gonna’ be a dull post, kids. Saarraay. New ‘Ro?’ (Issue Twenty-Four) Tomorrow) 

Now you can read ‘Ro?’ in the correct order. Gone are the days when readers had to piece together a story in reverse; instead, accurate chronology is a possible reality.

And today there is a promotional introduction. Below is the home page, in particular,  the second option on the top panel (”RO? (THE ENTIRE SERIES)’, highlighted red). Here lies the Archive.


The second image shows the Archive itself. All available issues will be contained here.

Additionally, each individual page will be provided with this MENU: < PRV – NXT > << BEGIN ARCHIVE >>

< PRV – – Previous Issue
NXT > – – Next Issue
<< BEGIN – – Issue One

This information will be held in ABOOT. ‘WHAT ARE YOU, TALKING ABOOT A TALKING BOOT?’ 

Effectively, tap dat shxt.

And now, a message from our sponsor: “LIKE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE”
– Square


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