Excuses, Excuses

Let it be known, Ro? (Comic) still exists. Bases, some shxt went down: Namely, I have a new job; consequently, I’m doing a fxck tonne of hours now, but such is the price of economical capitalism, right kids? Additionally, we’ve been tryna’ find a new housemate. Fortunately, my good friend EL Rosso has taken that place, which is great news. But yeah, the tenant-landlord negotiation period fugited the fxck outta’ mon tempus. Also, I’m supposed to be doing some course in my spare time, so my main bitch, Ro?, has hadta’ take a backseat. Anywaysch, I’ve got a couple chapters to edit, a few more to complete and then, inevitably, hit the pad again and punch out some more of that Ro? ting. Worry not, the planning process of Ro? has been strong recently. That’s right – – I do plan this shxt. And now I’m happy with where this could be going. I’m starting to understand what choo punks wanna’ see, and I’m appropriating my Magnum Opus, appropriately. To conclude, please believe me and please continue hold on; we’re cuming back on the back of this bitch, baby.

Meanwhile, czech owt dis CHOON


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