Waguan wit’ cho’ site, bru?

Call this site a Democrat campaign, ’cause things change. And I’m not talking about some ‘spare change’ that Barracks Obombya’s needs to keep Detroit afloat; I’m talking about major on-site alterations in navigational logistics!

By this I mean, there is now a ‘front page’ with links to certain bodies of work. Namely, you guessed it, ‘Ro?’ but also some of the other tingz I’ve done. My Mwom says my pictures are cute and cool. Bases, all’s y’all’s gotsta’ do is click on the images and you’ll travel to the archives. Thereon, the path is yours.

Anyways, I’m feeling super-self-indulgent by even daring to bother you with this mundane shxt; however, I resolved to tell you so that I could show off all the boring hyperlinking and editing of posts that I hadta’ go throo.

So yeah, czech it owt!

Additionally: New ‘Ro?’ out twoknight. New stuff is getting worked out right now. As the above would suggest, I’ll probz keep ya’ posted on anything happening in my life.

Finally: Listen to this song as a reward for all that reading: THAT IS IF YOU LIKE POST-MELODO-INSTRUMENTAL-MATH-ROCK-CORE-STEP


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