‘Ro?’ – Issue 37

Ro promo 2 v1 600

37. ‘She’s the Premier of Vegetarian Humour’

I concede, the last Issue was released too long ago. Moreover, I understand that the last Issue was the 35th; however, this is is the 37th. ‘What the fxck are you playing at, you dyscalculiac cxnt?’ I hear you scream. Well, Issue 36 is some fxcked up bullshxt. I overestimated my abilities to measure panel proportions (grea8t part of me life) and basically fxcked it. Effectively, 2/3 of the Issue needs to be re-drawn, and that’s a fxcking ballache. Until then, you’ll get a couple Issues of the future (but D W kiddos, it’s not gonna’ fxck wid’ the story line too much. And anyways, who the fxck knows what’s going on, in the first place?). Enjoy!

ro 37 v1


2 thoughts on “‘Ro?’ – Issue 37

  1. Glad you’m back, Buay! How’s that for a new spelling attempt at the “unspellable” word?!

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