‘Ro?’ – ‘Teenage Kicks’ Zine – (BFI Special Edition)

Ro promo 2 v1 600

0. ‘Ro?’ – PG Ratings

So, this sounds more monumental and impressive than the reality of the situation. Bases, a month ago some idiots at the British Film Institute thought that my comics were shxt enough to include into some zine of theirs. The theme was (and I quote the briefing): ‘to discuss how Teenagers are represented in Film and TV’. It was to celebrate the final crescendo of their ‘Teenage Kicks’ film festival. I haven’t watched many films in my time; therefore, I had to take it out on teen dramas, such as ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘The O.C’. Upon revealing our work to the other contributors, my heart sank when I saw some of the uplifting pieces on show. For instance: one guy, talking on teenage dreams (thank Katy), wrote: ‘…the spots don’t stop, why should you?’ – that’s some sharp shxt; whereas, this comic leaves only the sour taste of realization that Senorita Stay Squire knows all the words ‘I don’t wanna be anything other than what I was tryna’ be late-lay’.

Regarding the technicalities of the editing process, I tried out some new shxt: rather than getting stressed out on Paint (truly, Satan’s gift to software), I chose to cut and stick the panels and then speech bubbles onto the hard copy. In some cases, the words take up too much of the pictures, in others, the words are far too small. Nonetheless, it must be noted that I think that Kelp looks fresh2death in panels 3 and 6. You go, gurl!!

And yeah, I know, I spelt ‘eunuch’ wrong in panel 5. I wantedta’ mix that word and ‘knock’ together. So all y’all h8rz can fxck off b4 i biteya.

bfiting0002 (2)


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