‘Wait? What? You’re still here?’ (‘Ro?’ is on a Comeback Kid Hype)

Ro promo 2 v1 600

0. ‘Ro?’ – Slice me ’til I’m red

What’s that old adage? ‘Tempus Fugit cum Emori’…?
Regardless, it’s been circa 2 years since I have posted a fresh ‘Ro?’, and that shxt kills meh. In order to narrowly excuse myself, here’s the deal: been doing a course whilst working full-time, so, you know, priorities. The time surrounding the last almost regular spout of content was when I was obviously not so busy, and even then, my work rate was, at best, patchy. But it’s given me time to reflect, and here’s what the man in da mirror’s been saying:

The totez epics story line (y’know, scratchy fights and scalped drama) that underpins ‘Ro?’ is currently unobtainable; instead, what must be focused on is ‘just getting ma shxt out there’ (thanks Mwom 4 da advice). Accordingly, I’mma focus on bad jokes and anti-social commentary (hold on, is that your big plan?). It sounds bait, but ‘lyk-4-lyk’, this has been the stuff that da people have given more attention. And in this age, it’s all about the likes, right? Right?

Beyond this screaming sense of self-validation, a few more things have changed: I’ve moved away from digital editing (fxck MSPaint, maaan) and have been going hard with scissors and glue (with an ever increasing interest in the latter), which has allowed me to develop cool new background designs (sounds long, but reduces my panel-failure rate by tenfold – do you know how hard it is to draw Kelp and Nigel in one shot? ‘Tis for meh, anywaysch). So you’ll get to see some of those soon, bases.

The only remaining question is: should these new non-canonical strips still be numerically ordered? (I’m half-autistic, so I’m kinda for that).

But not today! Alternatively, you’re gonna’ see another couple panels of Kelp telling Nigel a joke about fruit. Has anything changed at all?
Anyway folks, it’s good 2B back. More shxt coming soon, I’s gotsch uh mad stock o’ puns up muh sleevesch.


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