Who’s Oscar?

Ro promo 2 v1 600

0. ‘Ro?’ – ‘Oscar’s a name reserved only for white males and male dogs with white owners’

The auto-fellating sob-saga has fallen upon us again. That’s right, the 88th Academy Awards are soon here, and as per usual, a lot of media hype has whirled around it. This year, that old favourite ‘LOL GD LUCK LEO’ has returned; however, this time, people have been talking about the severe lack of non-whites across categories. I would’ve done something about that, alas, I drew this strip a year ago, and so, this opportunity was missed.

Big shout out Charlotte Rampling though, when she said ‘the blacks just don’t try hard enough’ (an actual quote, I promise) to get nominated for Oscars. But Ms. Rampling, your targets are far too narrow; you forgot to mention ‘the bloody chinese’ or ‘those muslamics’, too.

Basically, 2016 is just business as usual for the Oscars. Just a bunch of white people crying over how much money they made.  My inner ethno-cultural revolutionary is currently screaming: ‘BOYCOTT THAT SHXT’, but I don’t think he’ll be heard over the aforementioned ‘brouhaha’ or sound of shuffling feet on the red carpet.oscarsv2


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