Ro promo 2 v1 600

0. ‘Why did the Chicken cross the box?’

Some more classique tripe right now – – Kelp tells Nigel a joke about humour history’s favourite animal, the chicken.

Bases, slightly more exciting stuff due up in the forthcoming weeks; however, these have not been duly scanned into my laptop, boo-hoo.

Teh gd news is that panels 2 n’ 3 look pretty cool. I’ve conquered Kelp recently, but Nigel sometimes looks rate weird; whereas he looks quite clean here. IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF.

Also, just seen the ‘Gallery’ tool, will probz compile one for the ‘Ro?’ storyline. ‘Cause that ‘fwiendly-and-e-zee-2-use-page’ isn’t exactly that.


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