And then there were two (blogs)


So, some of my more attentive followers will recognize that from time to time I post comics,: at other points I post poetry. I usedta’ think ‘well, it’s all OC, why can’t it be dumped into a single cesspit?’

Recently, however, I have reflected, and come to realize that whilst my poetry triesta’ evoke a sense of seriousness, my comics certainly don’t, and so, a bifurcation of blog-posts has taken place.  Accordingly, 90% of poetry has been cut outta this bitch and been stuck here: – well, I will send them out slowly; therefore, there is time to sort out some unfinished, occasionally unbegun, symphonies.

I know it’s pretty big-headed to have a site with one’s pen name as the address, but I didn’t know what else to call it. Further, I know that it’s a little over-certain of me to try and balance two blogs, when this one alone gives me enough trouble. However, I will change my job quite soon and therefore have more time to scribble. Ultimately, I feel quite confident. For now, anywaysch.

New ‘Ro?’ up on Wednesday, editing a pack of them right now (well, not right now, gimme a break, yo) and a brand-new-never-seen-the-light-of-day-poem’s gonna hit up the new blog tomorrow.

Nevertheless, big shout out to all those guys who followed chiefly for da rhymes – you now don’t hafta’ scroll through a bunch of shitty comics to get to the shitty poetry.

~ Stay


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