‘Ro?’: Experimenting w/ backgROunds


Feel like a keyboard warrior today – I’ve been busy on the blogs, but have been chiefly all-talk-no-action. So lemme reset this day’s trend, and post summadat OC you’ve all been waiting for (form an orderly queue, laydayz).

As some of you may’ve noticed, I work only in biro (bic medium is high grade, but can push out a strip with an Argos pen), and whilst this is fun (and cheap, mostly cheap), and at times, I feel rather innovative, tryna’ work out how to do something close to art with a tool found in most year 9 pencil cases.

But it does have its drawbacks, namely, endless ink smudges, which can stress one the fxck out when it occurs in the final strokes. Although some may gasp at the following proclamation – I have worked around this, and because of this, I think Ro? has improved, quietly, yet, certainly. For instance, speech bubbles are now written on separate sheets and then glued into place, rather than squeezed in around Kelp and Nigel’s heads (remember https://rocomic.wordpress.com/2014/01/10/read-issue-seventeen-of-ro-now/ anyone? lawl); equally, I use a pencil to draw the primary structures of each panel before I dig in with a biro (that means https://rocomic.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/read-issue-ten-of-ro-now/ was all done in one shot, some fxckery, that’s fo’ sho’); and I use a ruler to measure the panels out, rather than pretend that I can draw a rectangle freehanded (even as late as No.32 was I pulling out this dumb shxt: https://rocomic.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/ro-issue-32/ ).

And yet, with all of this sterilization, I have yet to control ink smudges when developing backgrounds, and so, I have started to draw some ‘stock backgrounds’, so that I won’t have to deal with this shxt so much anymore. Consequently, please view the attached archive of some of these new backgrounds, below:

Overall, I like the simple shapes the most, and think I got carried away with some of the less simple (the thunderbolter and the bloodspiller spring to mind); nevertheless, I feel this punitive expedition has been a moderate success. I look forward to using them in future (may get some subtle blogspace circa 1 month).

Also lol at my vain attempt to rip-off some Russian Formalism in page 2, bottom left.


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