Uncovered: BFI Zine for ‘Teenage Kicks’ film festival

A couple years back ‘Ro?’ won a chance to appear in a BFI zine to support a film festival. I blabbed on about it at the time, but never followed through with any legitimate proof. Well, today is the day. I must say, some content providers were having an off-day (myself included); however, some of them are more impressive. I wasn’t there for the launch or anything, I hadn’t even searched for this before. But now I know why ‘Edge of the Universe’ printing followed me on Twitter, which makes a lot more sense. Shout out @edge_universe while we’re on dat Twitter hype.

Anyway, here’s the link: https://issuu.com/eupp/docs/tk4prnt  (page 7 is the one).

Some reason didn’t use my pseudonym, so know this: that was the old meh.


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