Read ‘Ro?’: ‘Gyal Talk’ (1/2)

‘Ro?’: Gyal Talk (1/2)

Before I descend into the regular drivel of half-jokes I couldn’t quite fit in, I must say that next time I draw a new strip, I’mma type in the text. Briefly, I’ve mentioned how text is physically cut-n-pasted onto the strip, whilst this massively reduces ink splodges, it leaves rancid shadows on the panels. Also, czech panel 1, the ‘d’ in ‘tried’ has been concealed under a paper fold during scanning. It all looks so cheap – – truly, I’m chucklin’ to myself as I type this, because in my books this is still considered an acceptable upload.

But never again! (Well, after the next one, anyways).

Admittedly, this strip ends on a slightly masculinist note; Nigel stifles Kelp’s chatter of ‘body confidence’, by basically making light of heavy chicks. But before I get any beef, please remember that Nigel’s a fxcking crack-head bigot, so the joke’s on him.

Stay tuned for part 2!



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