‘Ro?’: I thought that I’d hurdled over copyright infringement, but now they’ve even TM’d ‘probably’…

promo posters0001


Okay, this poster (that’s right, it’s a fxcking poster M8) appeared in York University’s ‘Can Obert’ project back in 2k14, y’know, back when I drew pics regularly and e-mailed people for submissions and that. I don’t know exactly what happened at this ‘project’; however, I can only guess that they had a few more walls to fill than planned and found some dodgy ‘public service announcements’ (that was the theme) hanging about their inbox and decided to just run widdit.

Now, I’m quite aware that this looks more like a failed ad campaign for a grotty danish lager (also, howma’ sposedta’ excuse my thinly veiled xenophobia whilst dranking something at 3.8%? Fxcking viking cxnts), which is quite true, but evidently I was running out of ideas by this point.

I know that I’ve lost one of these gems (featuring a character who never managed to reach the Ro? story line proper, y’know, ‘chapters’ 1-39), stating: ‘I’m not unemployed – I’m on strike’, ’cause I’m a rebellious-d-fxck-citizen-kane-kinda-kid. Luckily, however, another has survived my countless re-locations and will find itself published up on here in no thyme at all. Bases, I’m thinking about bringing back some kinda homepage, with these posters on it, ’cause at least they seem slightly more eye catching than 3 tiny panels stretched over super-bait self promotion.

Also, the title is fxcking true! Those corporate bastards have actually trademarked ‘probably’, which is probably the lamest fxcking thing I’ve heard in the world. Probably.


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