Do U eVeN lIfT, Ro?

promo posters0002


Yo-Yo, waguan?

Yeah, I’m good, thanks for asking mate, RUOK?

S’alright really, but the job market’s pretty tough these days, not sure how long I can afford to pay this rent. You still talking to Gary?

Yeah, me old mucker Gaz, ol’ Gazzy mcGazzomo, Gazprom LLP, why?

Well, it’s nothing really, but I know he’s an old fox widda clean d, so if he fancies getting himself sucked off for some spare change, y’know, bus fare, effectively, let him know that I’m puckering up for him.


– – Wait, wait, fxck, where the fxck is this shxt going? I know I’m talking to myself most-of-the-time, but that’s untenable. But to the facts, the picture above is the second poster in the ‘Can Obert Project’s’ public service announcement art gallery thing. Mate, now that I reflect I think that I made up the PSA theme, but IDGAFRN. The pique is prett-ee self-explanatory, so if you don’t geddit then you can go SUCK IT. Or, just scroll back up and look at it again, you’ll defz dig dat second time ’round.
Actual strips are actually scheduled! I mean IRL.

Yeah, I’m getting well good at txting these days.


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