‘Ro?’: Something something ISIS something something don’t chop me head off

august ro0001

Hey, Stay, WTF U riskin UR neck (possibly literally) for some 2/10 joke? Surely, you wouldn’t wanna incur the wrath of Daesh and Western Media simultaneously?

Well, if those well-paid Journos found any other fxcking word to describe Daesh, then maybe I would be wiser. But those fxcking dudes maaaaaan, ya cannae read an article w/o some unnecessary octopus reference nowadays.

I can see it now: two middle class, middle aged London journos, sat in some expensive tapas bar, slowly chewing through some kalamari, both thinking: ‘Fxck, this is worse than ISIS!…. Wait a minute…’

Truly, they are the angels of society.

P.S – The big image at the bottom is DEFINITELY an octopus dressed in full jihadi costume. The look’s so in this Summer.



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