2. 'Ro?' - Another Classic Tale of Boy meets Girl


‘Ro?’ is a webcomic, feat. Kelp n’ Nigel as they look for work. Kelp is the one with the ears, she’s a real cutie; Nigel’s the snotty looking dude, he’s a junkie cxnt.

‘Ro?’ used to be a proper story. And that got literally no likes whatsoever. Now ‘Ro?’ is just another disconnected webcomic, just like the rest of ’em. Well, at least ‘Ro?’ is drawn by hand, but whatever, it’s still shxt.



Now you can read ‘Ro?’ in the correct order. Gone are the days when readers had to piece together a story in reverse; instead, accurate chronology is a possible reality.

And today there is a promotional introduction. Below is the home page, in particular, the second option on the top panel (”RO? (THE ENTIRE SERIES)’, highlighted red). Herein lies the Archive. To view the entire series, click: HERE

The second image shows the Archive itself. Most available issues will be contained here.



In 2016, ‘Ro?’ started to get a teeny weeny bit of attention. Here are some nice things those people said (I deleted the previous page these were on and I couldn’t take loosing it all. I have very low self-esteem).


Evidently, May, August, September were good months. Now, back to reality. *#cries*

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